I am an established wedding coordinator in Redding California. A lot of the weddings I have designed have been in Northern California but I am always looking for an excuse to travel. I never limit myself to a certain area to help making a couple’s day absolutely flawless. The details of your wedding day are one of my top priorities so that you and your special someone’s personality can show through each and every bit of decor. Making your day stress free so that every one of your guests can feel at home and enjoy every second of your day is very important and one of my goals that I will make sure is fulfilled.I have gained 3 years of experience being an intern for Gwen Edwardson and seeing every step it takes in making a wedding day perfect and I am now ready to reach for the stars with Timeless Moments.  My goal is to show my passion in my work for each and every wedding I am lucky enough to be apart of. I look forward to making your day unique for you and handling all the stress so you can enjoy your special day.